Create Wow! experience to your customer

Interact with Customers through multiple communication channels

Enable your teams with all-in-one customer service software

Enhanced Business Communications & Customer Service

The past few decades have seen the advent of online platforms. Most of the organizations are taking their business online. From websites to chatbots, the business makes things convenient for the customers. Acquiring a customer and retaining them, is made possible with different online platforms. Most of the customers opt to contact businesses through day-to-day chat applications like WhatsApp.

This paved the way for the usage of Chatbot integrated customer service software like Q-hawk. And the prominent reason behind this? Q-hawk is integrated with customer touchpoints like Whatsapp, website, mobile app, etc. Hence it helps accelerate the business growth through more contacts, customer interactions, and support.

Are you a business or an organization that is looking to stay connected to your customers all the time? Just a website won’t do the job. Well, here is how we can help you. Sinnonteq can successfully integrate communication channels with your Billing, ERP, CRM, Website, E-commerce, and IT systems. This makes communication convenient for both businesses and customers. With innovative tech, businesses can generate leads & inquiries, get customer activities, fulfill orders, get service bookings, send reminders, send various notifications on bills & payments.

Various data collected through the conversational channels can be made use to build a rapport with customers. And your reward? Customer satisfaction & loyalty. We help you deliver the right support for your customers.

Multiple communications channels

Go tech savvy with seamless communication channels like Chat, Video, Voice, SMS, Email, Telephone always ready to engage your customers from wherever they are. Be it any time of the hour, no opportunities will go missed.

Multiple Customer Touch Points

We help you create a WOW! experience with integrated customer touch points website, mobile apps, e-commerce, POS, etc. We guide them throughout their interaction with your business. That is, till paying a bill.

Know Your Customer

Heard of data analytics? With our communications, we provide your business more insights & intelligence to convert the user experience into more businesses. We help you understand the requirements of your customers.

Productive Team

We takes you a step forward allowing your departments and team members to access customer information from anywhere at any time. This will help them connect with customers at various levels to provide them a flawless and Wow ! experience.

Automate Business Processes

Communication channels and customer touch points will go hand in hand with your current ERP/CRM software. The integrated and automated business process caters to the efficiency of a business.

Multiple Communication Channels

Talk to us

Are you a business with a lot of passion and endeavor? Stay at hands reach from your customers, ready for action all the time. Sinnonteq will help you interact with your clients and customers easily. We are here for all your business solutions.

Understanding & Delivering

How easier businesses would have been if you could understand your customers and move along? Various touch points of a customer journey involve the interaction of a  business and the customer be it. 

With effective use of Customer Experience Management, data collected at each touch point can be analyzed. This will help your business understand your move and coin strategies to grow accordingly.

Customer can use any Touchpoint
Deliver a seamless experience
Enable your teams with all-in-one customer service software
Customer Touchpoints

Well-connected stores, websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, and social media are the crucial customer touch points.

Customer service software
Efficient & Productive Team

Team efficiency is important for successful tech implementation.

Enable Team With Customer Service Software

Each team member of all departments will be equipped with digital tools to access relevant business data and customer interaction details. With the use of our Customer service software, your team will be able to assist the customer virtually at various levels of their journey with your business. Online demo, expert advice, sales conversations, consultations, training, etc. are few methods through which your team members can make more business conversions. Also, your team members will be easily accessible to customers for technical assistance, feedback collection, order tracking, traceability of delivery, etc.

Tools for team members
Train team to serve customers

Segments We Serve



Appointment booking, Patient portal, Telemedicine, Patient touch points, Remote monitoring, Healthcare E-commerce, Health content publishing, HIS/EMR integration solutions. All that your healthcare business need will be delivered by Sinnonteq. Create a great healthcare experience for your patients, vendors, and other users. We enable healthcare companies to make the health facilities accessible to all.

Customer insights into every interaction

Consumer & Retail

E-commerce companies should deliver engaging, frictionless, multichannel shopping experiences that drive customer retention, engagement, and loyalty to ensure their long run. User friendly messaging, video, voice, verification, automated alerts, and customer insights integrated into the e-commerce site are essential to simplifying the buying journey. And we are here to help you with the same.

Repair & Maintenance

Have any repair or maintenance situations ? Customers will grab their phone and try to connect to an expert. Through our innovative solution you will be able to receive all such requests via Whatsapp in your customer service portal. Our automated systems will mostly take care of your front-end support and collaborate with human support agent and technician based on need. Hence it can help you to save your time and money.

Service Providers

Be it any service, the customer will try to reach out when required, and a convenient method for this will be an add-on to any service provider. From getting in touch with a service provider to getting the payment, the journey of a customer needs to be at ease. And thus, the digital approach. You can easily convert a potential customer to a loyal one. Being an expert in business process automation, we can help you to provide a great customer experience.