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We create value for the business stakeholders involved in innovation or digital transformation by capturing and converting data into actionable insights

From IoT Solutions for wireless communication systems to industrial grade sensor integrations, we deal with cutting edge technologies and platforms.

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IoT Solutions and Services

SensorVision IoT Platform

The platform is a foundational Internet of Things offering that can onboard and connect any IoT device. It is used for managing all the IoT entities in an application such as the users and devices, and the data generated. The platform can ingest information from any device, store it, render visualization using several inbuilt widgets and provide updates in real-time. The data captured in the platform over long periods of time can be utilized for Analytics and Machine Learning applications. It can be hosted either on the public cloud or on a local server.

IoT Solution Development

We Make IoT is an end-to-end provider of IoT Solutions. This involves everything starting from ideation to the successful development of a scalable prototype. We specialize in IoT Development with the following technologies – ESP32, LoRa, LoRaWAN, BLE, Particle and Mobile app development with React Native.

IoT Research and Development

We Provide end-to-end IoT Solutions for your Business. This involves everything starting from ideation to the successful development of a scalable prototype


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